You can find more about me here…

My name is Mohammad Amir Beladi. I came from Iran to Canada in September 2023 and started my new life here from scratch by going to Algonquin College in Ottawa, The capital of Canada and study IMD which is short of Interactive media design. I worked as a cashier in a store called Farmboy and then moved to another store called Bestbuy and worked as a Omni specialist there. Currently, I am doing photography and videography. I am a tech fan and as always I am eager to learn more about the future of technology which is tied with artificial intelligence.

You can find me on social media as well:

Instagram: @amir97bl

Telegram: @amirbloody

Discord: amir97bl#1859

There is a Persian proverb that says:
Whenever you catch the fish from water, it’s fresh…

So start doing what you love from today, don’t worry that it might be late. 🙂